April 21, 2022

Britteny Bellinger- Resounding Faith

By Haley Arnold
Britteny Bellinger- Resounding Faith

Life’s trials may ask a lot of us, but with faith and strength, we can find success. This is what Britteny Bellinger, co-founder, and owner of My Sister’s Cottage, believes. It would be easy for a woman with no college degree and a discouraging diagnosis to become negative and disheartened, but that’s not Britteny.

Britteny Bellinger grew up the youngest of three in Omaha, Nebraska. Her fondest memories are of going to Camp Shamineau, a Christian family camp in Minnesota, where she could run free around the lake and explore the outdoors. Living as the youngest of three with divorced parents was not easy, but it only made Britteny treasure the importance of a strong familial unit.

Briteny began building a family unit of her own when she met her husband, Greg Bellinger, and was married just two weeks after her nineteenth birthday. He has said on numerous occasions that it was love at first sight, recalling that he thought "that's my wife" upon first meeting her. They believe that their love, and love of Christ, are the source of their strength.

If you’ve read The My Sister’s Cottage Story, you know that the creation of My Sister’s Cottage was a long journey with many ups and downs. After co-founding the My Sister’s Cottage online website and using a portion of the profits to create the first-ever safe house for women escaping sex trafficking in Nebraska, Britteny received news that would set her back to square one. She needed chemo, but her body was too weak to begin treatment. Britteny was forced to leave Omaha, where she grew up, and move to the warmer climate of Wilmington, NC. 

Despite having to abandon her dream for a year to build a career as a realtor in a brand new city, Britteny was not deterred. “My script got completely flipped,” Britteny says, “but I trusted His plan. I walked by faith. I believed that He made all things new and that he could give us a life that only dreams are made of.”

Britteny always considered herself an entrepreneur. After spending eight months out of high school for illness and struggling through one semester of community college, she concluded that a college education was not for her. Britteny created a house cleaning company, a real estate career, and My Sister’s Cottage with the same tenacious entrepreneurial spirit.

However, My Sister’s Cottage is more to her than just another business venture. To Britteny, My Sister’s Cottage is a way of making a difference in people’s lives and leaving a legacy for her family. It’s proof that she is stronger than her chronic illness and capable of creating something meaningful for a community that she loves and wants to grow, but it’s better to hear it in Britteny’s own words: “At My Sister’s Cottage we wear our hearts on our sleeves. All our welcome— you’re a sister to us, a brother, a family member. We love building community and hearing your stories when you come in and shop with us. No matter how big this family-owned company becomes, we promise to love our community as Christ loves us— that’s the core of who we are. When you shop with us you are making a huge impact on women’s lives!”

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