2022 Fall Home Decor Inspo

2022 Fall Decor Inspo

Chai lattes, cozy sweaters, and trips to the pumpkin patch. That’s right! Fall is here! Seasonal decorations can be so cute, but if you can't choose an aesthetic, your decor may end up looking tacky! Keep reading for our top tips for fall home decorating to create your autumn dream decor.

Choosing Your Fall Aesthetic

It’s important to choose fall home accessories that fit seamlessly into your current home aesthetic! Not sure what fall aesthetic you like the best? Let us help! Three of our favorite fall home decor categories are modern fall home decor, cute fall home decor, and rustic fall home decor.

Modern Fall Home Decor

Worried that fall home decor won’t mesh with your fresh, modern home? Don’t stress! We have plenty of fall home decor suggestions that you will fall in love with! 

Accentuate the clean, crisp aesthetic of your modern-styled home by choosing fall pieces with natural wood, white or neutral tones, and metal accents. You can evoke fall vibes without having to choose traditional autumn colors.

Modern Fall Home Decor

The example above is a fantastic representation of how you can celebrate fall styles in a modern way. The hand-carved pumpkins, black iron candlesticks, and adorable white pumpkin spoon rests are simple home accessories that go a long way to bring fall into your living space.

Cute Fall Home Decor

If you have a cottage core home aesthetic or enjoy a little whimsy in your space, then you’ll be just as excited about our cute fall home decor selections as we are! Cute fall home decorations are a big hit with children and adults who love to explore their inner child. Keep reading to see some of our favorite cute fall decor items of the season!

Dog lovers rejoice! The pumpkin puppy and wizard puppy are two undeniably adorable home accessories! There are a lot of reasons to love these precious Halloween pups! These small home accessories fit easily on shelves and end tables! When the fall season ends, they are easy to store away for next year.

Halloween Dogs

While the Halloween dogs are just darling, you have to see the ever-so-precious fall gnomes. Trendy gnomes with their little noses peeking beneath their cap have enraptured our attention all of 2022, but these fall gnomes have stolen our hearts. Check out the gnome below and tell us that we’re wrong!

Fall Dangle Gnome

Look at his little hat! The Fall Dangle Gnome is perfect for dangling his legs over shelves and cabinets! Just like the Halloween dogs, these plush gnomes have the soft, fluffy vibes essential to the cute fall home decor style. We love how it pairs with the Large Striped Stuffed Pumpkin behind it.

Rustic Fall Home Decor

Going for a farmhouse aesthetic in your home? We have fabulous fall home decor picks for that too! For a more rustic fall style, we suggest baskets, darker wood accents, and rich colors. One of our favorite examples is the woven pumpkin basket.

Woven Pumpkin Basket

Fall beckons with the natural tones of the pumpkin basket and the rich brown of the wood hearts. We also like blending home accessories that can be used year-round into our rustic fall home decor. A great example of this are the mango wood beaded picture frames

Mango Wood Picture Frames

With slight shabby-chic accents, these rustic picture frames come in various shapes and sizes. Click here to check out our entire collection of picture frames.

Creating a Color Palette

Do you ever run into the problem where you’ve picked out a ton of incredible home decor pieces, but you just can’t seem to tie your decorations together? It could be that you haven’t chosen a matching color palette. 

Look around your room. What colors do you see? Throughout the year, my home leans into whites, blues, and pale shades of green. Use your existing color palette when deciding on holiday home decor! Pull gray, cream, and natural wood tones to keep your fall decorations from clashing with your existing home decor. Below is an example of my color palette, and fall home decor options that would suit my home!

Color Palette Example

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color palette that works for your room, try using Coolors. I used Coolors to create my palette above! Coolors can help you decide on a color palette that works year-round in your home and help you choose colors to blend in for holidays and specific seasons! Click here to get started!

Our Favorite Fall Home Decor Picks

In our last blog we talked about our Top Five Favorite Fall Fashion Styles for your closet! Now it’s time to pay attention to the rest of your home! 

One of our favorite fall decor items is the Trick or Treat Doormat! This fall doormat is just too cute! It's great for welcoming guests (especially trick-or-treaters) to your home.

Trick or Treat Doormat

Okay, can we talk about this little guy? We cannot get enough of this super cute ghost pup! The Halloween Ghost Dog is ready for Halloween adventures with his precious little candy bucket. This wool-felt decoration is great for dog lovers and homes with cute fall aesthetics.

Halloween Dog Decoration

Final Thoughts

There is a way to incorporate fall into your aesthetic no matter how you’ve styled your home! Want more decorating tips? Make sure to check back on our blog page for more advice.

If you haven’t seen Our Top 5 Favorite Fall Fashion Styles blog, then be sure to take a look! Until next time, Happy Fall!

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