Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Hello, Sister!

We chose the name MY SISTER’S COTTAGE for three reasons:

(1) The safe house(s) are a 'cottage' for all our "sisters" in need.

(2) We are sisters and want everyone who shops with us to know and experience that kind of friendship and love that comes from having a sister whether they personally have one or not.

(3)And of course, because we had cottages for a season of our life next to each other, which was literally, one of the biggest and greatest blessing we will ever get to have in this life time and the joy that comes when you get to walk into your sisters "cottage" and leave all your cares at the door and just 'be'.

But most importantly, we love the word “cottage” because to us it represents a sense of community – love, support, and friendship.

We hope when you walk through the doors at My Sister's Cottage you will experience the sense of belonging and overwhelming peace! You.Are.Welcome.Here!