Our Top Eco-Friendly Products

Searching for environmentally friendly products can be difficult, but we aim to make it easy! Keep reading to learn about our top picks for eco-friendly products and discover what these companies do to give back to the environment.

Our Top Picks

Stylish, helpful, and eco-friendly? Sign us up! The list below features our favorite environmentally friendly products.

  1. Aloha Bags
  2. Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear
  3. Sand Cloud
  4. Conscious Coconut

Continue reading to learn why we love these products and why they’re worth supporting.

Aloha Bags

Not only are Aloha Bags stylish, waterproof, and convenient, but they're created by a women-run business that gives back to the environment. 5% of all Aloha Bag profits go to conservation efforts in Hawai’i.

What We Love About Aloha Bags

Aloha Bags come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can find Aloha Bags in mini, small, mid, max, tote bags, and more. The smaller sizes are great for keeping your cosmetics safe and dry, and the larger tote sizes are fantastic at keeping the sand and waves from your precious belongings.Aloha Bags

No matter what size you choose, Aloha Bags have beautiful, colorful prints in a wide range of patterns that you’re sure to love. Check out our favorite Aloha Bag styles by clicking here.

Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear

Looking for eco-friendly eyewear that gives back in massive ways? Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear is making big waves! Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear are, in the company’s own words, “made with recycled and/or natural materials to help eliminate waste and draw from more sustainable sources.” In addition to being made of recycled and natural materials, Blue Planet helps plant one tree for every pair of glasses sold.

Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear

Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear doesn’t stop at helping our environment. They also donate one pair of corrective glasses to a person in need for every pair of eyewear they sell. Blue Planet participates in a wide variety of volunteer work too! Click here to read about how they help our planet!

What We Love About Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear

Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear produces a wide range of quality glasses available with mirror, blue light, and polarized lenses. We love the gradient lenses and their diversity in frame shapes. It is easy to find a frame you love with this diverse collection. Click here to see our favorites!

Sand Cloud

Looking for a better beach towel? Try one with an incredible cause! Every purchase from Sand Cloud helps support marine conservation. 10% of all Sand Cloud’s profits go to marine conservation.

What We Love About Sand Cloud

One of our favorite Sand Cloud products is their beach towels! Sand Cloud produces beach towels that are sand-resistant and made of Turkish cotton. These gorgeous towels are available in a massive collection of styles and sizes. 

Sand Cloud Towels

Tired of lugging heavy towels to the beach? Sand Cloud has a solution to your heavy beach bag problems. These thin beach towels and beach blankets roll up tightly and fit easily in beach bags.

Don’t worry about dragging sand into your car or your tote bag! Give your Sand Cloud towel a shake to remove the sand with ease! Want to see some of our favorites? Click here to see our Sand Cloud towel collection.

Conscious Coconut

If you use coconut oil in your routine then the Conscious Coconut brand is an excellent eco-friendly choice! Conscious Coconut uses locally sourced, environmentally sustainable coconut oil, and they give back in big ways.

For every product sold Conscious Coconut donates a meal to a child in need. So far, Conscious Coconut has helped donate over 500,000 meals to Feeding America.

Conscious Coconut

What We Love About Conscious Coconut

If you are sick of labels with ingredients you don’t recognize, Conscious Coconut is a breath of fresh air. The company tells buyers that their product contains only two ingredients “coconut oil and love".

Conscious Coconut produces travel-friendly coconut oil and coconut oil wipes that are great for keeping in your cosmetic bag! Check out our favorites here.


Finding products that support our environment and give back can be difficult, but there are a lot of amazing brands that are worth considering! See all our favorite eco-friendly items by clicking here, and keep shopping sustainably. 

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