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Need inspiration to fuel your dream home design? Deciding your aesthetic and styling your dream home is a difficult but exciting task! Let us help with these three tips and tricks to styling your perfect home.

Styling a Dream Home

Everyone dreams of their dream home, and every one has their own ideal aesthetic. For some people, their dream aesthetic is cottage core, modern, or farmhouse. One of our favorite home decorators, Brittany Hutchison got the opportunity to design the home of her dreams when she inherited an 1800s house that had fallen into disrepair.

Brittany blends the cottage core aesthetic with the farmhouse aesthetic in her home decor to create thoughtfully-designed rooms. Below you can see her gorgeous screened-in porch.

Home Decor Inspiration

We love how she uses woodgrain and white modern home accessories to make a stunning natural palette in her screened-in porch. The P.S. I Love You Pillow brings a pop of her personality. Brittany puts a lot of thought into every space of her home and is happy to share her home decorating ideas! Below she gives some of her favorite tips for restoring and redecorating to make your space your own.

Tip One: Take Your Time

Some of Brittany’s best advice is to take your time when decorating your home. Although you may want it to come together all at once, it will be more meaningful for you if you take your time to find items that are special. Here is what she had to say:

“My number one tip for decorating is not to rush yourself to fill the space in your home just for the sake of filling it! Collect items you truly love, and decorate your home as you go. Your decor will all come together, because you stuck to your style. And you'll end up with a home filled with things you love, rather than just a full house. It'll give your home a curated and collected look, and your decor will tell your family story!”

Home Decor Inspiration

It’s easy to see Brittany’s family story in this cozy kitchen. We can picture her family warmly gathering around this inviting kitchen table. The white tasseled Turkish Hand Towels and marble dessert stand add modern touches and bring out the table's lovely woodgrain.

Tip Two: It’s Okay to Start Over

It’s easy to get discouraged when your first attempt at home decorating doesn’t turn out like magazines or Pinterest photos. However, everything takes practice, and it will take time to develop your own unique style.

In Brittany’s historic home you can see the love and care she puts into styling her home in a way that exudes her personal taste. Brittany says, “I've learned that whether you're building a house or sewing a curtain, projects always take longer than you estimate. I've learned that paint isn't permanent, and you really can't mess it up. You can always repaint, or strip it back down to the wood if you're not happy with a project.”

Tip Three: Take Pride in Your Work

Over time, you will truly be creating the home of your dreams! It’s important to document everything that you do! Taking photos will allow you to look back on your progress with confidence!

Brittany advises not to take your hard work for granted, “You'll want to look back at the transformation, and once you start the project you can never go back in time to look at how far you've come without documenting 'the before'.”

This counter surely looked bare before it was thoughtfully styled. The hints of copper and the beaded cookbook holder are simple ways to personalize a kitchen counter with useful tools.

Home Decor Inspiration

Making a space your own can do wonders for your individuality. Brittany believes that choosing to develop the space you live in yourself can be incredibly meaningful, “I've learned that doing projects yourself makes you appreciate the end result so much more! And I've learned that my mama was right when she said "you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Final Mentions

If you liked Brittany’s home and found her tips helpful, then be sure to follow her on Instagram @whiteandwoodgrain. Brittany is always working on new projects! On her account, you can watch her hunt for antiques, create DIY projects, and develop her personal taste. 

In the meantime, take your time, start over when necessary, and take pride in your work. We know that you will create the home of your dreams!

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